Quick Tour

The Home Page

The Home Page is the entry point into this site. There are a number of menu items on the top banner which help you navigate the site and search for maps of interest.

The Map Viewer

Once you select a map to open the map viewer allows you to interact with the map, pan and zoom around, turn on and off layers and identify features. 

Map Viewer: Home Panel View

Map Viewer: Home Panel View

1. Layers

The layers button allows you to turn on and off layers from your map and view the map legend.

2. Home Panel

Gives a description of the map, it's purpose and any limitations of use.

3. I Want To Menu

Shows the functionality available in the viewer.

4. Change base map

Click on one of the options available to change your base map.

5. Tools Menu

Further analysis tools for your map. These include:

  • Identify: By Point, Freehand, Line, Polygon and Rectangle
  • Measure (length and area): By Line, Polygon, Circle, Rectangle
  • Draw: Mark up your map with graphic shapes including text.