Bay of Plenty Maps Open Data

Discover, explore and download open data from contributing Bay of Plenty Maps partners. This page describes how you can consume GIS data from our partners for your own own offline use and the relevant terms and conditions of use.

Data Usage Terms and Conditions

In downloading or consuming  data via the Bay of Plenty Maps Website or associated sites you are agreeing with the terms and conditions below.

All data unless specifically stated is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand LicenceCreative Commons License

You MUST attribute the data back to its original creator and have this licence associated with the data at all times and displayed on any maps, Web sites, applications or printed material using this data.

Owner information is located within an attribute on each dataset.

Attribution example:

Creative Commons License CC BY 3.0 Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Creative Commons License CC BY 3.0 Bay of Plenty Maps

Note: The partners provide NO support of any nature to our stakeholders who have downloaded or connected to our online services using their own third party applications.

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